Creative Work


Where the Heather Grows

Nightmare Magazine, Issue 115

April 2022

The Kaleidoscopic Visitor

Uncanny Magazine, Issue 45

March 2022

Consigned to Moonlight

Fireside Magazine, Issue 102

April 2022

The cover of Uncanny Issue 41, which features an illustration of an elf with brown skin and long hair in a stylized natural environment.

Diamond Cuts

Uncanny Magazine, Issue 41

July 2021

What My Flies Keep For Me

PodCastle, Episode 656

December 2020

PodCastle logo, a castle with pennants flying from the towers and a dragon wrapped around the foundations.



The Deadlands, Issue 10

February 2022

Cover of The Deadlands Issue 10, which features an illustration of a figure melting into mist with a crescent moon on their brow.
Cover of Augur Issue 4.2, which features an illustration of a figure pouring out a vessel of purple-blue liquid attended by two faeries.

The AI Builds A Redwood From Memory

Augur Magazine, Issue 4.2

December 2021

“Stranger Organs

Apparition Lit, Issue 16: Wonder

October 2021

(nominated for the Pushcart Prize)

Cover of Apparition Issue 16, which features an illustration of a human with antlers growing from their head.
Image of the cover art for smoke and mold Issue 5: Hurricane Season, which features a work of abstract digital art.

Mother of Thousands

This Gleaming Dismay

“The Vulture

smoke and mold, Issue 5: Hurricane Season

October 2021

You Have a River

Channel Magazine, Issue 5

November 2021

Cover of Channel Issue 5, which features a painting that abstractly echoes natural patterns of camouflage.
Cover of Fantasy Issue 70, which features a surreal digital illustration composed of branches, game controllers, and a larger-than-life image of a human eye.

i find my body and my body

Fantasy Magazine, Issue 70

August 2021